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Investigative Journalism for Pennsylvania

Spotlight PA is an independent, nonpartisan newsroom dedicated to high-quality investigative and public-service journalism about the Pennsylvania state government and urgent statewide issues, including elections, voting, the governor, the legislature, rural communities, criminal justice, economic development, health, human services, and more.
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Spotlight PA was founded in 2019 by The Lenfest Institute for Journalism and a coalition of newsrooms from across Pennsylvania to address a crisis in journalism: the ongoing and rapid decline of corporate-owned legacy news outlets, which is greatly diminishing access to trusted, contextual, and factual reporting in the state. With support from foundations, individual members, and more, Spotlight PA — now an independent 501c3 organization — is uncovering stories that would otherwise go untold and cutting through partisanship and misinformation to deliver trusted, reliable journalism at no cost to all in Pennsylvania. Since its inception, Spotlight PA has become a leading national model for independent, collaborative journalism that empowers residents and gets results. Its work has won numerous state and national awards and driven meaningful change and policy reforms in the state capital and beyond.


We’ve assembled some of the most talented reporters from across Pennsylvania and the United States to focus on issues and stories that would otherwise go untold. In short, they work for you, the public. Meet our staff, and learn how you can contact them:


Spotlight PA distributes its work across the largest collaborative partner network of its kind in the United States. We share our unique, high-quality journalism with more than 90 community newsroom partners, making Spotlight PA a centralized, efficient model to drive more and better journalism across Pennsylvania. Our partners routinely report Spotlight PA stories rank high for engagement and overall value. Read more about our partner network and how to join:
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Ways to Give

Spotlight PA is powered by thousands of members across Pennsylvania as well as a dedicated and growing group of institutional funders, foundations, and more. Consistent with our mission, we disclose the source of every dollar we receive, and we do not accept anonymous gifts. Learn more about who supports our work and how to join them:


The mission of Spotlight PA is to hold powerful public and private forces — especially governments, elected officials, businesses, and special interests — to account through urgent and compelling investigative and public-service journalism that drives change and strengthens our democracy, the state, and all who live here.

At Spotlight PA, we value independence, transparency, diversity, innovation, and collaboration. Read more about our vital efforts to empower communities and reinvigorate local news in Pennsylvania: