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Pennsylvania Primary Election 2024

Candidates for president, U.S. House and Senate, row offices, and more will appear on the April 23 ballot.

Candidates for president, U.S. House and Senate, row offices, and more will appear on the April 23 ballot.

At Spotlight PA, we’re here to help you navigate the Pennsylvania election process — from important voting deadlines to candidate guides to primers on election misinformation. Our goal is that the resources on this page will give you the critical information you need to confidently cast your vote, and answer some questions you didn’t know you had in the process.

This April, Democrats and Republicans across Pennsylvania will determine which candidates will go on to run in the general election. This includes presidential, congressional (U.S. House and Senate), row office (attorney general, auditor general, and treasurer), and legislative elections. All of these positions hold tremendous power and responsibility, but it’s the statewide races that will have the most direct impact on Pennsylvanians and the ones you will find the most information about on this page.

We invite suggestions for new features for this page and encourage you to check back regularly for all your 2024 election needs. Read more about how we’re covering the 2024 Pennsylvania election.

PA Election 2024: Voter Guides

Which Pa. attorney general candidate do you align with?

To help highlight the limited differences between the candidates, Spotlight PA has created this quick quiz.

Spotlight PA voter event series

Elections 101

Confidently cast your vote

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PA Election 2024: More Coverage

Elecciones Pa. 2024: Traducciones al Español

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