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You’re invited! A reader Q&A on redistricting, gerrymandering, and what it means for Pa. communities

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Join Spotlight PA at 5 p.m. March 16 for a free reader Q&A on political redistricting in Pennsylvania and why it matters to our local communities.
TIM TAI / Philadelphia Inquirer

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In 2021, a handful of politicians will wield power over one of the most consequential and overlooked aspects of our democracy: redrawing Pennsylvania’s political districts.

They can dictate who belongs in their districts, and who doesn’t; who keeps their seat, and who loses it; and who gets representation, and who gets left out. And all of that has ripple effects.

On Tuesday, March 16 at 5 p.m., join Spotlight PA and our expert panelists in discussing redistricting, gerrymandering, and why it matters to our local communities. You can RSVP for FREE by clicking here. Our panel includes:

  • Marie Albiges, Spotlight PA’s redistricting, census, and election reporter

  • Salewa Ogunmefun, executive director of Pennsylvania Voice

  • Robert Saleem Holbrook, executive director of the Abolitionist Law Center.

You can RSVP for FREE and submit your questions in advance here.

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