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Pa. redistricting maps: Search now to see your old and new legislative districts

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This article is part of a yearlong reporting project focused on redistricting and gerrymandering in Pennsylvania. It is made possible by the support of Spotlight PA members and Votebeat, a project focused on election integrity and voting access.

A Pennsylvania redistricting panel has released preliminary state House and Senate maps, and the new districts could fundamentally reshape the legislature.

The maps were drafted and given initial approval by the Legislative Reapportionment Commission, a five-person panel made up of the four top legislative leaders from both major parties and a nonpartisan chair selected by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

These maps are not final. They are currently under a 30-day public comment period and could be subject to legal challenges after the final vote in January.

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How to get involved: The Legislative Reapportionment Commission must accept public comments on its proposed maps until Jan. 16. This will be conducted through the panel’s online portal, where people can leave comments and propose their own maps, as well as through public hearings that will be hosted by the LRC.

About the data: The Legislative Reapportionment Commission provided preliminary map files. Unlike a decade ago, the panel drew new districts using data that reallocated incarcerated people with a sentence under 10 years to the district of their last known home address.

The Redistricting Data Hub provided voter registration data as of August 2021, and Peter Horton cleaned and reformatted census data used to conduct this analysis. This analysis also used data from Dave’s Redistricting.

Thanks to the Texas Tribune for sharing information about its version of the tool and to Kent Wilhelm for design help.

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