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Pa. COVID updates: Your guide to finding resources on cases, vaccines, and tests

by Spotlight PA Staff

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Looking for Spotlight PA’s COVID-19 dashboard and information about cases and testing in Pennsylvania? You’re in the right place.

Due to the varying ways state and federal agencies now report case data, we’ve decided to archive our live coronavirus dashboard. In its place, we’ve compiled a list of resources you can use to stay up to date on the pandemic in Pennsylvania. This page will be updated on the first business day of every month.

Information on this page is current as of January 5, 2023.

If you have a story idea or tip related to the pandemic response, please contact tips@spotlightpa.org.

Where can I find data about cases, hospitalizations, and other key data points?

The following pages provide data related to testing, case counts, and hospitalizations. Details may differ across these dashboards depending on how often they are updated. For example, some may update weekly, while others are updated daily.

If you’re looking for Pennsylvania-specific data, check these sources:

Pennsylvania Department of Health: Provides Pennsylvania-specific data on case counts, deaths, and hospitalizations by county and ZIP code. A separate dashboard shows detailed information about vaccinations, including boosters. This page also includes information about cases in nursing homes (referred to as long-term care facilities) and case counts among children 18 and younger.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Includes data about Pennsylvania case counts, hospitalizations, vaccinations, and testing. This page also includes a map showing COVID community levels, which some regions might use to determine what types of mitigation measures — like mask guidelines or mandates — to use to prevent the spread of the virus.

If you also want to see how Pennsylvania compares to other states or countries, check these sources:

Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center: Presents case counts and deaths by state, territory, and county nationwide.

The New York Times: Pulls data from a variety of federal, state, and local sources and regularly adjusts for anomalies in the data when calculating averages. Explore data by case counts, hospitalizations, and deaths by state, county, and metro area.

Am I eligible for a vaccine or boosters?

The CDC has determined eligibility for vaccines and boosters to be the following:

Primary series doses: Anyone 6 months of age and older.

Original (monovalent) booster: Anyone ages 5 to 11.

Updated (bivalent) boosters: Anyone age 12 and older. (See the CDC website for specific guidance on updated boosters.)

The CDC provides resources on how to pick a vaccine or booster, guidance based on age or risk level, and answers to other frequently asked questions on COVID vaccines.

Where can I get a free COVID vaccine or booster shot?

Most retail pharmacies offer vaccines and boosters. Many do not require an appointment, and all COVID vaccines are free, regardless of insurance or immigration status.

Children, teens, and adults can get a COVID-19 vaccine and a flu shot at the same time, according to the CDC.

You can find locations offering vaccines near you by entering your ZIP code at www.vaccines.gov.

If you are looking for vaccines for children younger than 5 years old, be sure to check the boxes for that age group during your search. Not all providers carry vaccines specifically for young children, and some only give vaccines to certain age groups.

How do I find a COVID test?

Most retail pharmacies carry at-home COVID tests.

If you’re looking for a PCR test, check with your local pharmacy, urgent care center, health clinic, doctor’s office, or hospital. Find a community-based testing site near you here.

The state health department also runs public testing sites in several counties, offering both PCR tests and rapid antigen tests.

The U.S. Postal Service restarted its free at-home test program in December. Each household can order one set of four rapid antigen tests.

What should I do if I lose my vaccine card?

If you lost your vaccine card, the Pennsylvania Department of Health can help you get a replacement.

Are there still statewide COVID mandates?

Statewide COVID mitigation measures have been lifted in Pennsylvania.

Counties and municipalities may implement stricter requirements. Businesses, performance venues, restaurants, or schools may also set their own COVID rules on masking, capacity limits, or proof of vaccination.

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