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From the archives 2022

WATCH: A free virtual panel on Pa.’s gubernatorial candidates and how they plan to run the state

by Spotlight PA Staff |

State Sen. Doug Mastriano (left) and Attorney General Josh Shapiro (right) tout divergent visions for leading Pennsylvania
THOMAS HENGGE, STEVEN M. FALK / Philadelphia Inquirer Photographers

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Pennsylvania voters are weeks away from electing their next governor. The most powerful public official in the state, the governor shapes what legislation becomes law, appoints judges, and oversees hundreds of thousands of government workers, among other pivotal duties.

The frontrunners in the race, Democratic nominee Josh Shapiro, the state attorney general, and Republican nominee Doug Mastriano, a state senator representing Franklin County, have touted starkly different visions for leading Pennsylvania. Their views on education, election policy, and health care, among other issues, will impact all Pennsylvanians — an authority that makes it vital every voter understands their choice.

To help you make an informed vote, Spotlight PA hosted a free panel on who the candidates are and how their administrations would impact you. Watch it below, and check out our Election Center for voter guides and in-depth coverage of this year’s election.

Our panelists were:

  • Stephen Caruso, capitol reporter for Spotlight PA

  • Katie Meyer, government reporter and editor for Spotlight PA

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