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WATCH: ‘How Harrisburg Works’ explains Pennsylvania special elections

by Spotlight PA Staff |

Voters in Allegheny County went to the polls on Feb. 7 for three special elections.
Amanda Berg / For Spotlight PA

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Allegheny County’s three Feb. 7 special elections cemented Pennsylvania’s Democrats’ one-vote majority in the state House, which had been deadlocked since the start of the latest session.

Special elections occur when someone in public office can no longer serve, which can be due to a death, resignation, or removal from office. They ensure voters remain represented despite a vacancy. However, voter turnout tends to plummet for special elections, a trend that has caused some lawmakers to question how they are scheduled and organized.

For our first “How Harrisburg Works” event, Spotlight PA’s Stephen Caruso spoke about the issue with Democratic state Rep. Chris Rabb, who proposed a bill to add new requirements to the special elections nomination process. Watch the conversation below.

“How Harrisburg Works” is Spotlight PA’s ongoing series on the Capitol’s inner workings, and this event is the first in a quarterly series to explain how the legislature works (or doesn’t) and how you can get involved.

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