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WATCH: A free panel on Pennsylvania’s troubled guardianship system

by Spotlight PA Staff |

In an illustration, an older woman sits alone inside a vase on a table as younger people around her ignore her.
Leise Hook / For Spotlight PA

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When older adults are declared legally incapacitated, guardians are appointed to take over decision-making regarding their health or financial affairs. Pennsylvania’s guardianship law is set up to protect older people from potential fraud or other forms of abuse.

Despite those efforts, claims of abuse and financial exploitation by guardians have made their way to the courts. A Spotlight PA review of some of these cases and conversations with people who specialize in elder law revealed flaws in the guardianship system and other shortcomings in safeguarding this vulnerable population.

On Thursday, June 1 at 6 p.m. ET, Spotlight PA’s Angela Couloumbis and other expert panelists gathered for a free Q&A on Pennsylvania’s elder protection laws and how they could be improved.

Our panelists included:

  • Angela Couloumbis, investigative reporter for Spotlight PA

  • State Sen. Art Haywood (D., Philadelphia)

  • Steve Feldman, lawyer specializing in health and elder law

  • Tina Paone, professor of education counseling and leadership, Monmouth University

Elder Law Q&A from Spotlight PA on Vimeo.

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