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Answers to Spotlight PA’s 2023 Thanksgiving Day Scrambler, Riddler, and trivia puzzles

by Colin Deppen of Spotlight PA |

The entrance to Pen Ryn Estate near the Delaware River in Bucks County.
Submitted by David McCollick to Spotlight PA

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Rather than making you wait until next week, we’re providing answers to the Thanksgiving Day Scramblers, Riddlers, and PA Local trivia here. You’ll find the clues recapped up top and the answers below. We hope you have a great holiday, and we’ll get back to the news next week.

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  1. N O I G C A L S T

  2. D E N R R N A A T G S P

  3. E C T I E N P E E R C

  4. A C A N N U E B D

  5. L O L C H A B T E T


Case No. 227: What is a question you can never say yes to?

Case No. 228: Why is it always so hot in the corner of a room?

Case No. 229: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?

Case No. 230: How do trees access the internet?

Case No. 231: Four children and their pet dog were walking under a small umbrella. But none of them became wet. How?


  1. This Philadelphia native and actor has a Pennsylvania pig named after him (and it recently got loose). Who is the actor?

  2. True or False: Life, liberty, and independence is the state motto for Pennsylvania.

  3. The first Black quarterback in the modern NFL era hailed from Pennsylvania. What was his name?

  4. The Steelers and Eagles merged for the 1943 NFL season. What was the team’s name?

  5. What is the only Black-owned radio station in Pennsylvania?








Case No. 227: Are you asleep?

Case No. 228: Because a corner is 90 degrees.

Case No. 229: Charcoal.

Case No. 230: They log on.

Case No. 231: It wasn’t raining.


  1. Kevin Bacon.

  2. False. The motto is virtue, liberty, and independence.

  3. New Kensington native Willie Thrower.

  4. The Steagles.

  5. Philadelphia’s WURD.

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