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September 12, 2019 | spotlightpa.org
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Welcome to Spotlight PA's weekly newsletter, a premium look inside our newsroom, state government and the best journalism across Pennsylvania.
The long and short
» Behind-the-scenes of our reporting on problems with the state nursing board
» Meet Aneri Pattani, an investigative reporter focused on health and human rights
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“Truly terrible.”

— Nicole Hatem, 27, a nurse from Pittsburgh, on dealing with the Pa. nursing board.
Long delays, dead phone lines and rude responses
That's how nurses across Pennsylvania describe their interactions with the state Board of Nursing, which is responsible for licensing and oversight. Reporter Sara Simon takes you behind the scenes of Spotlight PA's first story.
Lauren Narbey, a 31-year-old certified nurse-midwife in Pittsburgh, most recently filed for a new license from a state nursing board in July and is still waiting for a response. (Darrell Sapp/Post-Gazette)
I’ve got to come clean.

When Spotlight PA asked me to report on state licensing boards, I felt entirely overwhelmed. I’m a numbers person, so let’s break it down:

Pennsylvania has 29 boards that meet regularly. Together, they issue 255 different types of licenses. Licensed workers in the state, from barbers to auctioneers to funeral directors, number more than one million.

Where to start?

I began with the Board of Nursing, but immediately hit a snag. The summaries of their meetings from the past year were missing online. I sent an email. After days with no response, I called. The line seemed to disconnect.

The deeper I dug, the more I heard from nurses who had been struggling to reach the board for years. They reported long delays in getting license approvals, being left on hold for hours and sometimes rude responses from board officials.

In the hours after my story published, I heard from even more nurses. Here's a note from Mary Ann Barrow, a registered nurse in Glen Mills who tried to renew her license only two days ago:

“The site was so slow that I logged off and back on 8 times before it finally let me complete my renewal application.”

Stories like Mary Ann's show why licensing boards matter, how much they affect the lives of people across the state and why they deserve more scrutiny. I'm eager to keep digging.
If you have information or tips about any of Pennsylvania's licensing boards, email me at ssimon@spotlightpa.org.

— Sara Simon
Show your support today for accountability journalism like Sara's report on the nursing board and help us hold the powerful to account at spotlightpa.org/donate.
Meet our team
Meet our investigative reporters and find out what they're doing to ensure your tax dollars are well spent and your government is serving the people.
Aneri Pattani
Investigative Reporter

What she covers: Health, mental health, housing, the aging and issues related to drugs and alcohol.
Until a few years ago, I thought health stories were boring — lawmakers debating esoteric policy or insurers battling over prices. How did that affect my day-to-day life?

But then I saw suicidal students on my campus and at colleges across the country struggling to get mental health services. I met a 4-year-old boy in New York who had speech delays because of lead paint in his apartment. I spoke with teens who couldn’t afford pads and tampons during their periods.

That’s when it hit me: health issues are all around, and they touch everyone I care about. So that’s the lens I try to use in writing about health: Whose family member is not getting the care they need? Whose friend is suffering because of negligence or greed?

I want to hear from parents, teachers, advocates, healthcare providers and more about the way you’re seeing health issues play out in your daily lives.
Email Aneri at apattani@spotlightpa.org or reach her by call/text at 267-908-0597. For more secure ways to send tips to our team, visit spotlightpa.org/tips.
Only the best
We're cutting through the news each week to give you a premium collection of the most important journalism from across Pennsylvania.

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Once-secret records show how the police arbitration system overturned the firings or discipline of more than 100 officers.


How did fracking contaminants end up in the Monongahela River?

A loophole in the law might be to blame.

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The Poison Bar (Case No. 1): Customers have been getting sick from a poison at a local bar. When investigators pulled the records on their orders, they found no link between the kind of alcohol or mixer ordered and those who got sick. Not everyone who buys a drink at the bar gets sick. And there's no evidence bartenders or servers are slipping in the poison while making the drink.

Why are some, but not all, of the customers getting poisoned from their drinks?

Stumped? Get a hint.

Stay tuned next week for those who answered correctly as well as our winner.
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