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Tough Pa. trivia to snap the post-holiday slump

Plus, where the cat people are.

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November 25, 2022
Inside this edition: Five questions, cat people, Wright house, Fireball shots, an unusually good neighbor, and introducing Tater Tot the pig. 

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Our five favorite Pennsylvania stories of the week.

» One thing worth sharing: The Philadelphia area has the highest percentage of cat owners in the U.S. How high is it? Axios reports nearly a quarter of area households have a cat. Nearly a third have a dog.

» One thing worth reading: Frank Lloyd Wright "obsessive" Andrew Sessa and his architect brother took a trip to Fallingwater and found sleights of hand, cavelike compressions, and moments of anticlimax.

» One thing worth knowing: Pennsylvanians really like those tiny bottles of cinnamon-flavored whiskey. Fireball shots were a top-seller at state-run liquor stores last year, and it wasn't the first time either.

» One thing worth doing: Neighbors love Jennifer Mora, a Philadelphia baker who's giving away homemade desserts. Mora told WHYY: "You can spend your time on social media being really upset,” or not.

» One pig worth seeing: Dormont's unofficial mayor is a pig named Tater Tot. Here's a little "Fruit Time with Tater" for what ails you.

Spotlight PA's top original news stories of the week.
» COVID-19 UPDATE: Your guide to finding resources on cases, vaccines, and tests

» Dem control of Pa. House set for messy start
» How Democrat Josh Shapiro won the race for governor
» Pa. legal competency flaw corrected, but holes remain
» State College’s new police complaint process, explained
» Watch: How the winners of Pa.’s 2022 election plan to lead
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The Thinker doing some thinking at Philly's Rodin Museum. (bobistraveling / Flickr)

This week we've got a special trivia-focused edition of PA Local.

Think you know Pennsylvania like the back of your hand? Let's find out. 

The answers can be found here. Best of luck!

  1. Which Pennsylvania city is known as Christmas City?
  2. The smiley-face emoticon : - ) was invented at which Pennsylvania university?
  3. Pennsylvania's state dog is the Great Dane. True or False? 
  4. What tiny town calls itself "the icebox of Pennsylvania"?
  5. The term "Black Friday" can be traced to what Pennsylvania city? 

Colin Deppen, PA Local editor

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Our favorite photo of the week submitted by a PA Local reader.

Recognize this Pennsylvania native in a photo shared by Don H.? Here's a hint: He's in a movie that will be in heavy rotation on your television for the next four weeks or so. Click here for the answerSend us your photos, use #PAGems on Instagram, or tag us @spotlightpennsylvania.

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