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Who's running to be PA's 'chief fiscal watchdog'?

Plus, how Rite Aid could dodge opioid payouts.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Today: On the ballot, wedge issue, longshot claims, AIPAC adversaries, no questions, and the State Police motif. Thanks for checking in. 

Pennsylvania's auditor general scrutinizes how your tax dollars are spent — with an eye on “suspected misuse, fraud, or waste” — and the chief fiscal watchdog role is on the ballot in this year's election. 

Incumbent Tim DeFoor is the only candidate on the GOP primary ballot. Democrats will choose between two candidates — Philly state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta and Lehigh County Controller Mark Pinsley — on April 23.

Read Spotlight PA’s full rundown: Pa. election 2024: A complete guide to the primary candidates for auditor general.


“We’re hemorrhaging money. This will probably be the last week that we can keep everybody on full-time without having to do something,”

—Catherine Reinheimer, manager at the Foot and Ankle Specialty Center in Montgomery County, on a cyberattack impacting U.S. health clinics

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Today's top news story in Pennsylvania.
IVF ATTENTION: The in vitro fertilization issue has entered the race for Pennsylvania's 10th congressional district seat. Republican incumbent Scott Perry says he supports IVF, but WaPo (paywall) reports he also backed a bill that would declare embryos people. On the heels of a closely watched ruling, Dems plan to seize on the dissonance.
  • Broadhurst to remain on PA-10 primary ballot, via WHTM
Today's second top news story in Pennsylvania.WAITING IN VAIN? Opioid victims who blame Philly-based Rite Aid for fueling the epidemic worry they'll get nothing from a wave of related lawsuits. Bloomberg (paywall) reports that's because the chain filed for bankruptcy, making it easy to ignore the claims while also putting well-heeled advisers and debtors at the front of any payout line.
Today's third top news story in Pennsylvania.DEFENSE STRATEGY: Progressive groups are joining forces in an effort to defend their incumbent lawmakers — like Democratic Pittsburgh-area U.S. Rep. Summer Lee — against pro-Israel-backed primary challenges, the Associated Press reports. The "Reject AIPAC" strategy includes a seven-figure “electoral defense campaign.”
Today's fourth top news story in Pennsylvania.
'WELCOMING CITY': Republicans are criticizing a newly formalized Lancaster policy that says people won't be asked for their immigration status or documentation to obtain city services. One nearby borough is planning an ordinance of its own meant to deter migrants from coming there for more affordable housing, LNP's Jade Campos reports.
Today's fifth top news story in Pennsylvania.BILL BRIEFS: Pennsylvania drivers would be able to access their license through a PennDOT app under a bill introduced by state Rep. Dan Miller (D., Allegheny); and state Sen. Wayne Fontana (D., Allegheny) says online gambling is making inflation-fueled credit card debt worse, so he wants to ban the payment option for online wagering.

COP CARS: State Police are going back to white cars, WFMZ reports. The agency is switching from Ford to Dodge and says the current gray wasn't an option without an upsell. Command says white is also easier to see.

TINY VILLAGE: A plan to make tiny houses available to people experiencing homelessness in Philly has been scrapped by the city's new mayor, Axios reports, signifying another shift from the prior administration.

STEEL DEAL: The Pittsburgh Steelers will sign former Denver Broncos quarterback and nine-time Pro Bowler Russell Wilson to a one-year deal — raising fan hopes that a rocky run of QBs might finally be over.

SCARY STORY: Speaking of football ... on the heels of Eagles fan favorite Jason Kelce's retirement, Gov. Josh Shapiro recalls the time Kelce scared the daylights out of Shapiro's child in an art museum.

REFUND NOTICE: If you were set to attend 2020's Great Philadelphia Comic Con — which was repeatedly rescheduled before ultimately being canceled — you might be eligible for a refund four years later.

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