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Spotlight PA produces investigative and public-service journalism that gets results, and shares that work at no cost with communities across Pennsylvania. But we can't do it without your support. Here are the several ways you can sustain our newsroom with a tax-deductible donation today:

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Mail a Check

Make a check out to Spotlight PA and send it to:

Spotlight PA
PO Box 11728
Harrisburg, PA 17108-1728

Use Your Donor-Advised Fund

Recommend a gift via your donor-advised fund. Please direct it to Spotlight PA, tax ID number 92-0577182.

Become a Business Member

Make a contribution through your business or organization to support Spotlight PA. Business members will receive special recognition on the Spotlight PA website, in our annual impact report, during select events, and elsewhere as appropriate. Visit the Business Membership Program.

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Other Ways to Give

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Who Supports Us?

Spotlight PA’s unique model of public-service journalism relies on the generous support of individuals and institutions who understand the vital importance of Spotlight PA’s work to the future of Pennsylvania. The newsroom is supported by a dedicated group of local and national foundations, media partners, individual major donors (“Leaders in Action”), and thousands of readers from across Pennsylvania (“members”). Consistent with our mission, we disclose the source of every dollar we receive, and we do not accept anonymous gifts.

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Spotlight PA is a nonpartisan, independent newsroom paid for by grants from foundations and donations from individuals committed to robust investigative reporting. Spotlight PA editors and reporters operate independently of our funders and maintain editorial control over all of the content they produce. Funders do not have input into the selection of which stories Spotlight PA pursues or the reporting process for those stories. Funders do not review any content before publication or have any special access to reporters or newsroom leadership. In short, we answer to you, the public.

As part of our gift acceptance policy, and consistent with our promise to be fully transparent, we do not accept anonymous donations.

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