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Transparency statement

Spotlight PA is a nonpartisan, independent newsroom paid for by grants from foundations and donations from individuals committed to robust investigative reporting. Now more than ever, the health of our state and democracy depends on strong accountability journalism. Our newsroom provides the time and resources necessary to do investigative work that drives change.

Spotlight PA editors and reporters operate independently of our funders and maintain editorial control over all of the content they produce. Funders do not have input into the selection of which stories Spotlight PA pursues or the reporting process for those stories. Funders do not review any content before publication or have any special access to reporters or newsroom leadership. In short, we answer to you, the public.

All money for Spotlight PA is donated to the nonprofit Lenfest Institute for Journalism, which serves as an extra buffer between our investigative newsroom and our funders. As part of our gift acceptance policy, and consistent with our promise to be fully transparent, we do not accept anonymous donations.

The Philadelphia Inquirer provides in-kind fiscal, legal and administrative support for Spotlight PA employees. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and PennLive/Patriot-News each provide a reporter including salary and benefits. Continuing fundraising is intended to cover Spotlight PA’s entire annual budget, including all in-kind contributions, making it a fully self-sustaining and independent organization.

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Major Donors

Laura and John Arnold
The Foundation for Enhancing Communities
The Erie Community Foundation
Good Words Foundation
The Heinz Endowments
Henry L. Hillman Foundation
Lancaster Community Foundation
H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest
The Lenfest Institute for Journalism
The Philadelphia Foundation
The Lois Tack Thompson Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Poor Richard’s Charitable Trust
The Steinman Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
York County Community Foundation

Founding Donors

  • Richard Abraham
  • Oscar Armas-Luy
  • Kathleen Baker
  • Whitney Baldwin
  • Chris Bastress
  • Mark Bazrod
  • Sigal Ben
  • L.J. Bernard
  • Rita Bernstein & Alan Zuckerman
  • Robert Joseph Biller
  • David Bohanick
  • Jeffrey L. Braff
  • Joseph L. Carbo
  • Mireille Carigi
  • Carosella Sr.
  • Ashleigh Graf Casassa
  • Marguerite Chandler
  • John & Joy Burt Conti
  • Brett Cott
  • Karen Crosby
  • Fran DeMillion
  • Barry DeSantis
  • Earl Drumheiser
  • Mary Erdman
  • B. Faulstick
  • Ezra Fishman & Nicola Brodie
  • Ryan Froman
  • Tamara Goldman
  • John F. Graybill
  • Frank Hadden
  • Robert Haines
  • B.A. Hamilton
  • Grace E. Herstine
  • Bob Hoover
  • Louise Horan
  • Avram Hornik
  • Stephen R. Hughes
  • Sharon Hyde
  • Annette E. Inker
  • Evelyn Ishmael
  • Arlene Jarett
  • Peter Johnstone
  • Karen M. Kaplan & Aaron M. Shatzman
  • P. Katze
  • J. Kauer & D. Fleece
  • Paul Keller
  • Alan Kennedy
  • Cathy King
  • Steven Kuloszewski
  • Lora Lavin
  • Jamie Lemon & Steve Cline
  • Stephen J. Lipnichan
  • Daniel Lynch
  • Lelah Marie
  • William H. Maruca
  • Claudia C. McGill
  • K. Melton
  • Keith G. Melville
  • Jules J. Mermelstein
  • Lee Mooney
  • Ryan Morden
  • M. Noel
  • Marty O’Brien
  • Ronald Ozio
  • Leanora Paniccia
  • Amy L. Perez
  • Rick Piper
  • Ralph Riedel
  • Edward T. Rodgers
  • David R. Ross
  • Benedict X. Saia
  • Kimberley Shore
  • Barry Shutt
  • Claudia H. Siegel
  • Josh Singer
  • Michael Sperger
  • Anthony Spisto
  • Thomas Stone
  • R. Thomas
  • Irene Tierney
  • M. Tillger
  • Walter C. Uhler
  • Joseph C. Vignola
  • Hannah Walsh
  • Karen Weaver
  • Koert Wehberg, Esq.
  • Rhonda White
  • Margaret Wren
  • Jerry Young
  • Sherley Young
  • Gerald Zubkoff